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Welcome to the P&S Blog

March 16, 2010

Welcome to the new Primeiras & Segundas Blog.  Here you will find regular updates about project activities, participants, or related events of interest.  You will also find background information about the project and the unique CARE-WWF alliance that is contributing to its success, as well as photos and stories from the field.  Please note that the blog is still a work-in-progress; comments, suggestions, and questions are always welcome!

To kick off the updates, here is a brief synopsis of what we’ve been up to recently:

Presentation of the Koti Island Forum Boat

photo by Cremildo Armando

Community members carry the new boat to the water at the official launch ceremony.

In a lively ceremony at the end of February, the Primeiras & Segundas Project – joined by local government representatives – presented a boat to the Forum of the Koti Islands, a newly established umbrella association comprising leaders from four island communities.  The motorized wooden boat, which was built by a local carpenter, will facilitate movement of people and goods among the islands and to and from the mainland.  The forum will also be able to earn a small income from passenger fares, which they will later invest back into their communities through each island association.

In the weeks leading up to the presentation of the boat, P&S staff worked with the forum to help them set their goals, establish an organizational structure, and begin the process of legalization that will enable them to create a bank account and possibly access local investment funds.  The arrival of the boat already gives more legitimacy to the association and, after only a few weeks of transporting passengers, is already a source of pride for the fledgling forum.

The boat not only helps the forum and its member associations, but also fills a crucial gap in local transportation.  Most recently, the boat was commissioned by the Ministry of Health to assist in transporting medical equipment and personnel to the islands as part of the National Child Health Week Campaign.  This will enable essential vaccinations, vitamin A supplements, and nutrition screening to reach children and mothers who desperately need it.  Providing the transportation for this semi-annual event is a big responsibility for the forum members, but it’s also an invaluable way of keeping them involved as active participants in the betterment of their communities.

For a more in-depth interview with two of the forum’s members, Fátima and Alfredo, click on the “Stories” tab above.

A Visit from the Steering Committee

photo by Rachel Mason

Members of the Steering Committee with the Angoche and Moma District Administrators

For four days at the beginning of March, the Primeiras & Segundas Project hosted the annual meeting of the project steering committee, a group made up of senior-level staff from both CARE and WWF.  The seven person delegation joined local staff in visiting some of the community associations with which the project is working: a group of curandeiros (traditional healers) in the Potone Sacred Forest, a community agriculture demonstration plot in Namizope, and the Angoche Association of Fishermen, through which the community rangers and the women’s group Nova Visão operate.

photo by Rachel Mason

Women in Namizope (Angoche District) were proud to show the steering committee how they now employ techniques of conservation agriculture in their community plots.

In addition to the site visits, the Steering Committee spent several hours in a joint project review and planning session with the District Administrators from Moma and Angoche.  All parties agreed that the project is going well and renewed their commitment to work together to ensure the success of future activities.  The CARE and WWF committee continued their discussions well into the evening and through the following morning as they sought to address some of the challenges facing the alliance and strategized how to build upon the project’s many strengths.

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  1. Gildo M. Armando permalink
    April 12, 2011 3:29 pm

    boa tarde!
    Antes de mais importa louvar a iniciativa e dar muita forca de modo que continuem avante!
    sugestao tendo em conta Mocambique tem como a lingua oficial Portugues estatuido na Constituicao da Republica, agradecia que se fizesse a traducao para uma facil compreensao e partilha da informacoa. Melhores cumprimentos!

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