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Primeiras e Segundas Featured in Exposure

February 4, 2015

Ilha de buzio, seine netPhoto by James Morgan

WWF photographer James Morgan’s photos have been featured in Exposure, WWF’s photo narrative tool.

Mozambique, Crafting a new kind of marine sanctuary” highlights the uniqueness of  Primeiras e Segundas as Mozambique’s first Environmental Protection Area, illustrating the beauty of the area with Morgan’s photos.

The narrative describes through words and images the efforts of the Alliance to develop marine sanctuaries in the area, reaching a balance between the needs of people and the health of the ecosystem. It also illustrates the accounts of responsible fishermen, like Dino Francisco.

“Today, the weather is changing, and we don’t know what kind of catch to expect,” Dino says. “When I was young, there were a lot more fish. I don’t know why there are less fish now. In years past, even the fishermen netting off the beach were getting hundreds of different species of fish, but not anymore.”

Dino goes on to talk about the good practices he uses while fishing and how he wishes other crews would adopt them as well.

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