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Alliance Strategic Plan 2013-2017


The CARE-WWF Alliance in Mozambique: Outline of Strategic Plan 2013–2017

The Strategic Planning Workshop for the CARE-WWF Alliance was held in Angoche, Mozambique from the 22-24 of January, 2013. Twenty CARE and WWF staff from Mozambique and WWF Coastal East Africa and the US, and local implementing partners such as the Government of Mozambique and the National Association of Agricultural Extension (AENA), affirmed and improved upon the existing CARE-WWF Alliance strategic framework for Mozambique, with specific focus on the Primeiras e Segundas (P&S) flagship program, to achieve co-equal development and conservation outcomes. Objectives, strategies, and explanatory diagram follow.

Objective 1Healthy Ecosystems, Healthy Livelihoods: Natural resources are used and managed more efficiently, with fewer negative impacts on the environment and biodiversity and more positive outcomes for the poor, as the rural economy transitions towards more diversified, resilient and sustainable livelihoods.

Objective 2Empowered Citizens: The poorest and most vulnerable, especially women, make more informed decisions about natural resource management, and engage with and hold to account public and private actors on decisions and policies that affect their livelihoods

Objective 3Supportive Policies and Institutions: Policies and institutions form a foundation on which to build innovative approaches for equitable economic growth while maintaining healthy ecosystems and conserving biodiversity.

CARE-WWF Alliance in Mozambique Strategic Plan Framework

Key Strategies:

  • Workstreams are inter-twined and mutually reinforcing;
  • Mix of traditional development and conservation approaches;
  • Intermediary conservation outcomes contribute to development outcomes (e.g. fish sanctuaries);
  • Intermediary development outcomes contribute to conservation outcomes (e.g. sustainable agriculture).
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