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Stories from the Field

The people featured here have all benefited from the Primeiras & Segundas Program in different ways.  Click on a photo to learn more about each person’s unique story.

Mario Abudo Naval

Mario Abudo Naval

Cecilia Abilio

Cecilia Abilio

Orange sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A and more nutritious than the local varieties

Norberto João Ussene

Ali Selimane stopped using mosquito nets and other harmful fishing practices after he learned the harm these were causing to the health of the ecosystem

Ali Selimane

Photo by Rachel Mason

Maria Tadeu, Associação Muentasana

Fátima and Alfredo

Photo by Ausi Petrelius

Alberto Assane

Atija Momade

Atija Momade

8, Alima and youngest

Alima Chereira, Wiwanana wa Athiana

Watch and listen to various Voices from the Field by clicking on a video below.


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