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Vision, Goal & Objectives

Vision Statement

We envision landscapes in which marine and terrestrial ecosystems are thriving and the poor who depend on them have better lives and broader options, and actively participate in governance processes that shape policies and practices, ensuring that natural resources are managed for both current and future generations.

Overall Goal

The CARE-WWF Alliance in Mozambique will demonstrably improve food and livelihood security and opportunities for vulnerable populations in ways that also improve the conservation of ecosystems and species of global importance.

Objective 1: Healthy Ecosystems, Healthy Livelihoods

As.2.1.4 AIA.12.4.15

Natural resources are used and managed more efficiently, with fewer negative impacts on the environment and biodiversity and more positive outcomes for the poor, as the rural economy transitions towards more diversified, resilient and sustainable livelihoods.

Objective 2: Empowered Citizens


The poorest and most vulnerable, especially women, make more informed decisions about natural resource management, and engage with and hold to account public and private actors on decisions and policies that affect their livelihoods.

Objective 3: Supportive Policies and Institutions

AIA.2.2.2 AIA.12.3.5

Policies and institutions form a foundation on which to build innovative approaches for equitable economic growth while maintaining healthy ecosystems and conserving biodiversity.

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