The program

The Primeiras & Segundas Program is an innovative initiative by the CARE-WWF Alliance that effectively combines conservation and humanitarian efforts. The program is a testament to the Alliance’s commitment to fostering sustainable development in harmony with nature, focusing on one of Africa’s most biologically significant coastal regions, the Primeiras, and Segundas Archipelago.

The Primeiras & Segundas Program

The Primeiras & Segundas Program operates in an area encompassing ten islands and adjacent coastal zones in Mozambique, known for its incredible biodiversity and vital ecosystems like coral reefs, seagrass meadows, and mangrove forests. Unfortunately, the region also grapples with poverty, food insecurity, and environmental degradation – challenges the program ambitiously tackles.

The program seeks to harmonize environmental conservation with human development, creating a sustainable and resilient future for the communities and the natural world they depend upon. This approach is realized through integrated activities spanning sustainable agriculture and fisheries, climate change adaptation, community-based natural resource management, education, and gender equality.

Tangible Impact on the Ground

One of the program’s most notable successes lies in sustainable agriculture. By introducing farming techniques such as conservation agriculture and agroforestry, the program has boosted crop yields, enhanced food security, and improved the resilience of local farming systems to climate change.

Similarly, the program has made significant strides in marine conservation. By establishing the first-ever Environmentally Protected Area in Mozambique, the Primeiras & Segundas Program has offered vital protection to marine ecosystems and resources upon which local communities heavily rely. Community members are also trained and supported to manage their fisheries sustainably, promoting long-term livelihood security.

A Model for the Future

Its emphasis on holistic, inclusive development sets the Primeiras & Segundas Program apart. Whether empowering women to take leadership roles in community resource management, improving access to clean water and sanitation, or advocating for effective policies and funding, the program ensures that development doesn’t compromise the environment.

The program’s integrated approach offers a model for conservation and development that resonates far beyond the Primeiras and Segundas region. It demonstrates how holistic, community-driven strategies can create a world where people and nature thrive together.

The Primeiras & Segundas Program is a beacon of hope for communities living on the frontlines of environmental change. It showcases the power of partnership, innovation, and resilience in building a sustainable future. As we grapple with the dual challenges of biodiversity loss and development needs, initiatives like this provide a roadmap for harmonizing human well-being with the health of our planet, reminding us that these two goals are not mutually exclusive but deeply interconnected.